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, it's the same weather we're having in new jersey. that's for the ravens and the jets. perfect football wealth.. 74 degrees at 7:00 here on wjz- 13. our pregame show starts at 6:30 here on the 13. go ravens! back inside. >>> as he mentioned, the ravens are playing the jets in new jersey and in front of a national television audience. here's mark viviano with more on the memorable raven's season. >> reporter: the ravens begin the 2010 season in new jersey tonight embarking on a long road that many believe will eventually take them to the super bowl in dallas. if they're successful in the quest, it won't be a cinderella story or a prize -- surprise, this year's team is touted leaguewide as a championship favorite and the reason is the high octane offense. they have new receivers. in addition to old reliable mason and running back rice. with flacco at the helm, they have the potential to pile up the points. they've won here and they have great defense, and they haven't won, well, they won one super bowl and we're trying to win multiple and you need a good team in order to do that.
be a monday morning feels a littll easier waking up after a ravens win. they got it done against a divisioo rival and it's tte talk of the reakfast table this morning. -aaera in t towson to see howeú ravens fans are feeling. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. things are starting to heat and3 things are starting to ise, and of ravens fans toostart coming in and drinking up the win from yesterday. >> yeah, efinitely. i think we did a really good job yesterday especially cooing back in the 4th quarter. >> repooter: anddnow you''e going to see some fans coming in here this morning. what is it like n a monday after a big wii. >> i don't know what the deal with purple fridayy it's llke purple mondaay. we get a lot of people cominggin wearing thhir purpll with a lot of pride. the few people that work here ú%en they're not ravens fans, they get a lot offslack. >> reeorter: i they were booinn them earlier. expecting a lot of people here. with that purple, a lot of people excited. flacco showed us the kind of quarterback that he could be. and silenced critics who thought -e wasn't man enoug
county. that's the traffic edge report nowwback o yyu. >> all right lauren thanks so much. many raven fans took to the rood to head to the opening game with the jett. chris 10 ii traveling with the team and live outside the stadium toniggt and chris 10 its rix ryan still flapping the jaw or time to get down to the ame? >>reporter: i haven'' heard anything in the last couple hours. doesn't mean he hasn't been saying anything. the team pre-game speech to get them all pumped up but only an hour and half at least hour and a half until kick off. behind me. tons of peoplefic still coming in but raven fans came in bus oad this morning. with the new stadium as back drop they were enjoying each other's company getting pumped up or tonight's game. monday night opening a new stadium against former raven defensive coordinator rex and ryan former ravens on the jets team and some fans came from as far away s florida and there were a few jets fan mingling innthe purple and black. here's what -úsome fans had to say about tonight's game. >> ittwiil be a good game. good game. good ame. 6
touchdown. the taler -- steelers beat the falcons. >>> and the ravens season will kick off soon. mark viviano has more right now on what is expected to be a memorable raven's season. >>> good morning, well, the ravens begin the season tonight in new jersey. embarking on a long road that many believe will be taking them to the super bowl in dallas. if the ravens are successful in the quest, it won't be a cinderella story or a surprise. >>> and the reason for the high expectations is the offense. now, it includes new receivers. in addition to mason and ray rice. with flacco at the helm, the ravens have the chance to pile up the points. >> yeah, they've won here in the past with the great defense, they haven't won, well, they won one super bowl and we're trying to win multiple and you need a good team. >> we want the offense to be good. we want to score as many points as you can. you have to go out and execute and do the things that you need to do to score points. >> you can get all of the numbers and still win. we want to make sure, if we get the number, we're winning in the process, we
unknown running back runs wild against the ravens defense. that is not supposed to happen during the home opener. with -- would peyton hillis ruin the home opener? let's find out from gerry sandusky. >> peyton hillis ran for 160 plus yards. who would have thought the ravens would turn to joe flacco to bail them out of a bind in the fourth quarter? they did and he did. ray lewis celebrated his 15th home opener of his ravens career. anquan boldin -- his 600th career touchdown catch. gave the ravens the 7-3 lead. peyton hillis running right through the middle of the ravens defense. 8. landry -- he carried red -- dawan landry at the end of the play. flacco finds anquan boldin for a third time. billy cundiff without a field goal. the ravens blogger of the browns, 24-17. -- knock off the browns, 24-17. ray rice sprained his ankle. we will keep an eye on that moving forward. >> he is the kind of guy you want playing quarterback for you. i do not think there is anyone who doubted that for one second, not anyone. that is not to say you do not do everything you can to get as good as you can be. he
. the rave ravens take the field to kick off their quest for the super bowl. i'm kelley swoop. ravens fans had to wait another day to watch the team start but would that wait pay off? ray was intense as usual as the game got started at the jets brand new stadium. just a few seconds left in the first half and willis gets ravens on board. jessjets trying to mount a come back. the pass ball incomplete. two plays later, sanchez to keller but he steps out of bounds just short of the first down. ravens hang onto win. final score 10-9. >>> since they opened onto road it meant locals had to watch on tv. across the area fans gathered in big numbers to cheer on their team. cheryl connor is live in baltimore county where the atmosphere has been intense. >> reporter: that's right. you can imagine when the ravens show up on monday night football. it's big business for local bars and that's the case at the barn here tonight in carney. those final minutes of the game were a nail biter for fans. the ravens, fortunately proved to be a second half team winning the game 10-9. a slow start for the ravens on t
't rule out a shower or thunderstorm aad 6 ffr the home opener at m anddt bank stadium when the ravens take on the browns. 76 degrees shoold be around the high temperatuue or rather the temperature at kickoff time. let'sssee what is happennng on the roadways.ú here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. laaren. >> rrporter: thank you, steve. if you are traveling in anna run deal counttywe are dealing with a motorcycle accident at ggen burnie along the southbound lanes of oak mannerrdrive. we're looking at high speeds at many of our other ain lines. as we take a look at llberty road, we are clocking in at 61úr loop. and ccecking and taking a live llok here, you we can see no the inner or outer loop lanes. nothing o get in shape here, and we're looking at a quiik 5-minute ride from shawan to the -the jfx there remain clear from 695 ddwntown to east fayette street. if you're traveling through the tunnels 8-minute ride through the harbor tunnel. that's the traffic edgg report. patrice, back to you.3 >>> thank you, auren, and i foo's all new comedy premiers tomorrow. %-for, if you are
. >>> let head into our weekend forecast as we head into our home game weekend. >>> ravens are openiig at ome and at thht time it will be very comfortable and very nice.ú in the meantime we will be ú% will be close. we have fog to deal with this as we haae moisture in place and that contributes to the there, be aware that could be reduced visibility in spots. 72 in baltimore and 68 in salisbury, and 78 hagerstown. we averageearound 70 across the ssate and not seeing a whole lot innthe way of rain, certaiiny. that is not in fact in our forecast today. most of that stays well o he north and out of our way. aa we climb to 87 eggres, it's we will get he fog and ennoy -lenty of sunshine. mostly cleer still after getting to the hiih of 93 degrees. we will see if we can get to the record of 95 later. what is happening on the roadways right now? cooke who has a check on the lauree. >> reporter: thank you steve. we are deaaing withha ton of fog..3 do expect reduced visibillty as we head on out. take and checking oo the expressway, not a lot at warren road..3 %-baltimore county and in ca
an off-season full of expectations, the ravens delivered in their first regular-season game. >> we have live coverage of how the fans kick off the season, but we begin with pete gilbert. >> watching tonight we are going into the promos for the beauty of the game, but the ravens did not care. jess could not stop talking before the conference, winning a victory at the new meadowlands. the times fantastic have them looking like a rookie wage to long, crushed, brian thomas and john ellis, pancakes, fumbling as jeff's recovers, 3-0, new york. rose maguey he, fighting his way into the end zone right after he had a fumble early on. taking a lead, 7-6. the fourth quarter of the game, mark sanchez, completing to dustin keller, who stepped out of bounds prior to the first down marker. inextricable, that is the way that it ends after victory formations with a win, 10-9, feeling good afterwards. >> you know, you have got a little bit of slack. i took my hat off. i let him in. he had to get his team ready to play and if you believe that they would play good, they would play good. hey, the real numbe
a check on whether and tougher. the ravens beat the jets last night. >> -- etch a sketch account weather and traffic. >> we're killing time until keith mills gets out here. >> killing time until sports. let's put the current conditions. temperatures are a little on the cool side. 58 at the airport. it will be mild this afternoon. upper 70's and low 80's. we do have some rain in the forecast for later this week. >> it is one of those mornings where it pays to be out early. a downed pole has now been cleared. that is good news. everything else is open along route 94. major -- of the the rest of the major roadways are looking good. equally smooth. harbor tunnel checking out fine. 63 of the north side of route harford. 55 at the northwest corner. five minutes on 95 south to the fort mchenry. 11 minutes on the inner loop north east side. outer loop west side, 11 minutes. not a whole lot to complain about. this is harford road. i am for getting this shot. 95 at the fort mchenry. a very nice ride there. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is primary election day across the state. >> o
't disrespect the game like that. six points was given up for bs. it's embarrassing. >> the ravens could be 0-2 or 2-0. everybody has an opinion, and so we have cherie live here. >> good morning, we are here live on townsend road. a lot of ravens and fans are in a bad mood. the ravens were not happy with roughing the passing call with the cincinnati bengals. >> a few of the calls were a little ludicrous. as far as flacco goes, his position, he was uncomfortable the entire game. the pass protection was shady. >> if you are a ravens fan, you can clearly see that the call was not made right. we can't change it now. it ruined my whole weekend. >> so there you have it. some of the folks did not have a good weekend. now, they will be host tg browns on -- hosting the browns on sunday. >> a lot of people are talking about the officiating of the ravens and bengals game. >>> we will be reading your comments this morning on good morning maryland all morning long. >> the pa trisha and -- p and --patricia and arthur -- we will be checking out the winds, 10-15 miles per hour wind from the east and the no
. the impact of the upcoming elections will have on the agenda. >> are you ready for some football? the ravens kickoff of the season later tonight. we want you to put on your hats -- the team's fortunes. that is our water cooler question of the day. >> will the gray skies clear up? tony will tell us if we can put on a happy face. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i think tony is laughing at me. >> i like when you break into song on monday mornings. you might as well smile and sing. weather-wise, we had some much- needed rain over the weekend. we do have some low clouds and some fog in some neighborhoods. mostly cloudy. there could be some drizzle. things to break up as far as the cloud cover. we will get some sunshine later today and a high temperature near 79. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. first w
league. good evening. the ravens suffered their first loss of the season. pete gilbert will have a little bit more coming up on a day when some say they look like they had just a rookie quarterback. >> with the ravens loss and an orioles win, baltimore sports fans have mixed emotions. but it was good news for some down-home baltimore merchants. you can thank the new york yankees. the resurgent orioles have meant an uptick in crowds downtown. it is bringing a boost to baltimore's economy. add in a raven the way game, and you have some very happy businesses. >> in the past few days have been the busiest we have had all season. we rang and over $10,000 in sales as of yesterday. >> i really appreciate the yankee fans coming down. they're helping out the city, absolutely. i think we had almost a sellout crowd last night and the night before. what i do not appreciate is the actual fans themselves. >> speaking of those fans, you're looking at yankee fans coming out of the orioles game. they seem a bit lost, maybe. but they provide a lot of good business for downtown baltimore. guess who's playin
news for raven's fans new york jets reached an agreement to derail -- the terms aren't disclosed and he'll be on the field for the opener against the ravens. >>> and to raven's football news where the ravens sliced the loster -- roster. notable team players ended up on the chopping block. troy smith was sent packing and barns was traded to the eagles for a draft pick and the first regular season game is a week away. all of the action is live and the special kick off coverage comes your way monday night at 6:30. >>> and we have to turn the hat on. have you seen this hat. >> no. >> it's the one i wear at night. in the lights, it's hard to see. >> oh, cool. >> hang on. i think we can shade it. maybe you can see this. >> well, it like flashes. >> oh, yeah, it flashes. >> at night, that's cool. >> there it is. >> how about that. >> that's neon. i liked the sound effect. >> come on back here. >> get ready for the sound effect again. >> just hold my hand for a second. >> oh! you get me jarred. oh, marty. we're in a good mood here and we'll tell you why. it's delightful. 86 degrees today and su
. the trial is scheduled to begin in april. >> the last time the ravens played a game wasslast december 20th. a amous snoo game against the bears. after watching the team on tv the first two weeks, over 70,000 ravens' fans joined their way in to the staaiim to see thhm lead. joe cool strikee agaan. throws ooer the top for his favorite target. bolden brings in his third touchdown of the game. he caught eight passes comes back for throwing four interceptions to throw in three touchdowns and o interceptioos today as the ravens win their first home game of theeyear 24-11. >>> today's home opener also brought the returnnof avens' tailigating. myranna stephens hhs more on why the old tradition gives fans a new seese of purple ppide. they say here's no place like home. >> they're in ravens' country now. >>reporter: for fans, this is where their heart is. games. to be back in our way stadium, it's goiig to be >>reporter: today's home opener >> we really enjoy this. it's greatt >>reporter::from he fun and games to, of course, the food. >> bratwufrt and sour krauu. >>reporter: the return
. >>> thank you, and a lot of questions at the raven's complex after a rough loss to the bangles in sense gnatty yesterday. ronald reagan has more with some highlights and what the fans are saying about the defeat. >> reporter: well, the fans are saying a lot. the good news, the raven's defense is yet to give up a touchdown. and the bad news, flacco keeps giving the ball to the other team. the ravens trailed at half time and they started the third quarter and the ravens drove 80- yards and flacco to mason -- perfect pass and the raven's lead, 7-6 and the ravens are stung by questionable penalties late in the game. suggs flagged for roughing the passer and harbaugh is upset and that set up a bangle's field goal and the ravins moved in late and the flacco interception kills the drive. joe threw four picks on the day and the bengals win 15-10. the question is, what upset you the most about the raven's loss sunday. >> flacco! he looked unfocused. mistakes forcing the ball. >> i hate to hear them ask about what he's thinking. what do you think he's thinking, he's thinking, i want to win! >>> w
are ready for a super bowl. live reports, coming up. >> can the ravens really pass the ball? he is key to getting that done. " it is football time and it is feeling like a fall outside. i will break it down for you, coming up. 74 degrees, downtown. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work. the >> we have an update on this story we broke yesterday. 11 news has obtained a video of the water below an incident involving justin bieber and two state troopers. state police say that two troopers were hits. what a double dense so part of a trooper's uniform. you hear someone saying, you will get locked up. so far, no charges have been filed. the agency is still gathering all the facts. we
you, lauren. the ravens open the seaaon on the national stage. how they fared against the jets on monday night football. >> i initially enlisted when i was 19 years old. >> after years of servinn hiss3 coontry, he is asking to serve the public again. what this man and other this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >>after nine years of fighting terrorism some iraqqs war veterans are geeting nvolved in politics. they''e nottonly voting, but some are even running for office. melinda roder introduces us to some veteran candidates. >> reporter: america haa a longghistory of millittry leaders who haveegone on to serve their country ii ublic -ffice. now it seems the next generation of servicemen is looking to take action, too. retired on the 30th of august. >> reporter: benjamin joined the marines in 2003 as a teenage
but they are held to just a field goal and that would be the key. the late second quarter now. the ravens were down 6-0. the ravens take a 7-6 lead. they do just enough to survive a fight with the jets. >>> you have got to be patient. you can't let them rattle you. they are going to do that. we understood that coming in. we didn't actually want those big plays to be turnovers. we're a team that's going to be confident no matter what. we put enough drive together and enough points to win the game. >>> flacco and the jets opened the season with a victory on the road. next up another game coming up on sunday. back to you for now. >>> all right, thank you, mark. complete ravens coverage continues now live from canton. jessica has been out watching the game with fans, jessica. >> reporter: good evening to many of you. many of us couldn't take the trip to go see the ravens live, but here the energy was incredible. as the fans stayed inside, there were seats outside with giant tv screens set up, everyone having such a blast here tonight. but i have to say at points it was a little too close for comfort bu
linebacker in football. no doubt about it. >> it was a w for the ravens in the meadowlands last night. >> before the jets lost some players had to say i'm sorry. why this reporter was so upset. >> 6:41. no apologize for this. we're minutes from sunrise. it's getting bright. we have a mix of sun, clouds and mostly clear weather expected but chilly 57 in baltimore. we'll have the warmer afternoon forecast and much more when we come back. >> we're actually looking pretty good through baltimore city, no issues on the jfx. however, we are getting reports of an accident northbound 95 at caton avenue. it's blocking some lanes and causing delays. we'll see how that will affect your commute when "good morning maryland" returns. in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all
of the giant flames engulfing the structure. that's something. >> ravens tip-toe back. we have to get flacco back, right? >> that's right. >> raven's fans have some interesting thoughts about the game. >>> we will give you the action when we come back. >> this 101 postal worker says he has the key to a long life. >> a permanent memorial in baltimore. >> more to tell you, coming up. >> just minutes away from sun rise on this last monday of summer. >> i'm sorry i said that. we are going to talk about autumn coming up, but summer is trying to return. >> drivers should get in it while the getten is good. >> traffic is flowing freely in both directions. stay with us. we will be back after this. >> oa >> all right. it's 6:44. say it ain't so, joe. joe, he had four interceptions yesterday -- missed interceptions yesterday. it's going to be that kind of week. we have the highlights in a bit. >>> first, let's check in with justin. >> take a deep breath and relax. take in the fresh air. we have a look outside right now. this is showing a little bit of the early morning light. it's 62 degrees in north
's a touchdown, four favre turnovers on the day it. vikings lose 14-10. >>> baltimore ravens started the season strong at least defensively with a win over the jets monday. today they faced a bengal team that beat them in both their meetings last year. second straight road game to start the season for baltimore. 3rd quarter ravens trail 6-0. joe flacco goes up the right side to derrick mason. 31 yards for the touchdown. ravens took a 7-6 lead. later in the 4th quarter ravens trail 12-10. flacco's pass hits and picked by brandon johnson. led to a fifth cinci field goal. flacco with a career high four picks. the bengals defeat the ravens 15-10. >>> from the afc north to an afc east battle patriots visiting the jets, tom brady looking deep for randy moss and moss waffles. one handed. spectacular. it wouldn't be enough, though. jets beat the pats 28-14. >>> opportunity lost, sadly when we return, the man that threw for four bills returns to put today's fedex field loss in some perspective.  we are united by a common purpose. but we come from different walks of life and different branc
isn't restored yet, it should be any time now. >>> in sports, the ravens do this town proud on a national stage picking up a big win with the new york jets. here's mark viviano. >> reporter: good morning, the new york jets get all of the attention in "hard knox." but the ravens deliver in the ugly game filled with penalties and turnovers. now, points were at a premium. the ravens scored the team's only toughendown and -- touchdown. the jets managed two field goals and the raven's defense suffocated sanchez on critical third down plays. this is the sack for the loss and the jets went back most of the games. they were pushed back and frustrated. the ravens go on the road and they'll start with a win. a 10-9 fight to the finish. >> well, i thought that the defense was dominant. we were backed up, a number of times in the first half. we were backed up in the second half, pretty much the whole half. they have good player and they can run the football. to give up six first bounds. that's about as good as the ravens have played. find me a better one. >> you know, the ravens gave up
airport remodeling. >>> the ravens came home with a victory against the cleveland browns. mark viviano is live with the reaction. >> reporter: there are battle scars. we got late word that ray rice has been diagnosed with a knee contusion. the injury could be bad enough that he may not play against the steelers in six days. it remains to be seen. as for the game yesterday, it is far from perfect. but the ravens are lucky to score a victory at home. >> reporter: raven fans came out hoping to see a redemption and a better game from flacco, the fans got both. >> the emergency energy from the crowd is unbelievable. to be part of it is unbelievable. it's second to none. to have go out and have a performance like that, feels good. >> he was the one in those plays. they worked out the way we drew them up. that's why he ended up getting those touchdown passes. it's a win 24-17 over the browns. >> y'all have to remember they are professionals too. they watch film too. they had a good day. >> beating the browns was expected, now a tougher task. the ravens go on the road to face the undefeated s
bill. >> a hard-fought battle in the mail winds brought the ravens an opening night went and silenced the one of the war of the new york jets. we'll have highlights. >> will the weather played a factor in today's primary election? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> like the old nfl films there. "we went to the meadowlands. frozen tundra." you have to love that. we will do sports soon. >> i want to hear about the rain in the forecast. >> yes, it sure you do. temperatures are in the but on the cool side. you might want to take a light jacket with you. it will get warmer this afternoon. we will see high temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's. a mix of sun and clouds. we will show with the seven-day forecast and give you the latest on the tropics. >> good morning. not a whole lot happening. looking good for the most part. 57 rig
. >>> an important w for the ravens as the team prepares to face its biggest rival. sports director mark viviano has all the highlights. >> reporter: we got word late this afternoon on ray rice. the mri reveals a contusion, coach john harbaugh calls it a significant bruise. it appears to be bad enough that it remains unclear if rice will be able to play in six days. as for the victory yesterday, far from perfect but the ravens are happy to score a win at home. >> ravens fans flocked to the stadium for the first home game of the year wanting to see a rebound from the loss at cincinnati and looking for a redemption from quarterback joe flacco. against the cleveland browns, the home team delivered on both. a week after throwing four interceptions, flacco threw only to his guys this time, all of them to boldin in his a ravens debut. >> it's unbelievable. second to none, i know they go out and have a performance like that it feels good. >> he was the guy on those plays. they kind of worked out the way we drew him up. that's why he ended up getting those touchdown passes. >> reporter: the result was the v
about the ravens today? john harbaugh explains his heated thoughts from yesterday's game later in sports. >> a beautiful monday afternoon with the beautiful temperatures. it will stay that way for another day or so. heat and humidity on the way. your seven-day forecast coming up. up >> more than one dozen people were welcome during a celebration as citizens of this morning. it included 20 candidates from 16 different countries. it is part of the u.s. citizenship and immigration service's annual constitution day and citizenship day festivities. >> and much more somber mood in harford county today. students return to their high school without one of their beloved classmate who was head and killed by a car on friday. >> we have new details on what witnesses saw that night. >> the high school community mourns the loss of a freshman and star athlete who was killed friday. tonight, we learn more about what happened. he felt more like a big brother to the freshman whose death has the community in shock. >> from head to toe, he was amazing. what ever joey did come he was going to be great. >> th
you may want to know. on the raven's star studded roster all eyes are on number five. quarterback joe flacco may hold the key to the ravens super bowl dreams. but joe, the ravens first true franchise quarterback just takes it all in stride. >> did you have any expectation five years ago that you would be where you are now doing what you do now? >> definitely been five years, it's something i've always wanted to do. i don't want to say expected but you know, it is something that i expected myself to be able to establish. it's been a lot of fun, hopefully the next five years are just as fun. >> reporter: joe admits that all the fun he's having on the field is the toughest for his biggest fan to watch. was your mother deeply responsible for getting you to where you are today. >> she gets really nervous. >> you're living by yourself. >> i am. >> are you doing your laundry, is she cooking for you. >> yes. >> i have two teenage daughters, so i have to ask you. do you have a girlfriend? >> i do have a girlfriend. she's from where i grew up. we've been here from high school. >> it's unusual f
are still without power. i live report coming up. >> later in the evening, the ravens take on the jets in their season opener. details coming up in sports. >> in east rutherford at the new stadium, summit severe storms are rolling through the region. we will see it that will impact the game. here in baltimore, no storms in sight. low temperatures in the low 80's. 80's. when that the everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely. >> a fire in the streets of little italy left more than 100 people and businesses without power. >> crews have been working all day to restore power. rob roblin as live with deta
. >> the ravens are getting fans ready for the kickoff. >> high-tech robotic equipment is changing surgery's at the university of maryland medical center. for some cancer patients, it is making a difference. >> it was in 90 degrees or better in some spots today. there is some dry, fall-like air moving in. winds are out of the northwest, >> cockeysville provided the perfect backdrop for rosh hashanah. it is the first of the high holidays leading up to yom kippur. this is a hit is over 5000 jews gathered to celebrate. >> flu season is very quickly approaching, but no worries, the cdc says. it is ramping up vaccine production. it will create about 40% more supply than it did last year. this year's vaccine is a three in one, that includes protection against h1n1 and two other flu strains. it is available at most pharmacies. a cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence, but now treatment is changing that. >> one area hospital where treatment is taking place in baltimore. we have more from the university of maryland medical center. >> it is a devastating, scary. >> he remembers being told thre
and if it could post a threat to the east coast. >> >>> just a few more hours. tonight thh ravens kickofff3 the 2010 season against the new york jets on monday night football and the photos are coming into our websites as fans get ready. this photo comes from david hicks in balttmore.ú picture was a redskins fan buthe he lostta bet and he hhd to wear ravens gear. can you sppt who he is? he is the guy in the middle witt thh miseerble face. %oo bad for you, go ravens..3 showing off your purple pride. just go o and click the community features section. keep those pictures coming? >>> now we want to get a check of he forecast, meteorologist steve ter ti fertig with what wd expect. >> for those die hards making the trip to the mead meadow lan, cleer skies and a south wind aa 5-10 mmles per hour. we are ready for football. >>> as far as what we have for sky hd radar, dry condiitons, lookingy ut there f it wwsn't for the fog. there's a bbt of fog after the moosttre and the rain. we picked up abbut an inch of rain yesterday, now what we're looking at is the foggy start lloking
. and too bad he will lose. >> ravens' fans on the move. how they showed their purple pride, in enemy territory. >> and a reporter's allegation, why she laims the new york jets were harassing her. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, ttis is fox 45 news "late edition". >> helll again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. primary day in marylanddis just and tonight election officials say they expect about 32 percent of voters to gg to the polls. michael buczyner has the story of a very surprise endorsement in the hotty contested baltimore state's attorney race that could have a major impact. >> just hours before vottrs decide who will likely be baltimore's next state's attorney. high profile defense attorney said he is breaking with tradition. civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger bernstein over jessamy. the latest high profile endorsement for bernstein comms on the heels of similar3 endorsemenns from the baltimore sun and city's police union. jessamy has picked up high profile endorsements, including the baptist minister's
to be seen. innwashington steve santoni, fox news. >>> the ravens finally made their waa back to baltimore this weekend marking the home opener with a win against the boulevard browns. %-in his first regular appearan. he caught a joe flacco pass for sscond quarter nn one, even close to the raven's number one receiver in the end zone. it's tte sscond touch down of the game for bolde boldin and f. no one close to him in heend3ú sewn. through over the it up and3d aaquan boldin brought in his 3rd touch down. still said bratting th celebratd one..3úú%throwing the 3 touchdoo interceptions. the ravens win their first home game of thh year, 24-17. >>> i played onny once in myy3 career as a cardinal. ú%e crowd wassthe same way, but unbelievable. so to go out and have a performance like thatt it feels good. >> anquan boldin came up with big plays for us. -ough win against a really good team.ú throughout the crowd was tremendous and we move on to >> they were home this weekend but they're not home for long. the ravens have another tough road game ahead of them this weekend. they will aae the s
-degree- murder to first degree felony murder. >>> the countdown begins. home three days before the ravens head to pittsburgh for another tough game. jess, you are our excitement tracker. >> and the excitement scale is way up here. bars and restaurants are preparing for sunday's away game. take a look. there's another storm brewing, this time in the steel city. as the ravens head to pittsburgh. they're gearing up for the ravens rush. >> stocked up on beer. we got tons of wings. >> reporter: the bar boostedder that staff in preparation for a -- >> high energy, gets everybody excited, get you pumped up. you're ready to go. >> reporter: and fans are ready for some hard fought football. >> it's going to be a hard fought game. it's going to be smash mouth football between both of them. i think that -- i think the ravens will come out. >> i'm super pumped. we might battle with them real hard. pretty hungry. i feel like we'll do some real hurting. >> i think they'll win. they're a good team and i don't like the steelers, so they definitely have to win. >> reporter: they have taken several reservations
extra innings orioles went on to win it. >> and the news isn't that good for raven's fans ravens come up short against the bengals. it was especially tough for flacco. >> reporter: good morning, the ravens were favored and as fate would have it, they left town, losers 5-15. >>> and ravens offense had -- the purple birds finally get on the score bird. in full stride and 7-6, ravens. lewis, here, flagged for tripping karlson palmer and this penalty on suggs for roughing the passer. >> it takes the effort to get the guy to the ground. they'll have to explain it to all of us. >> reporter: fast forward, billy hits a 38-yard field goal and the ravens take the lead, 10-9. later on, the ravens losing, 12- 10 and flacco throws the third interception on the pass. and seconds left, flacco tossing the fourth interception of the day. that put a wrap on the loss against cincinnati. it's bad, three interceptions, it doesn't matter how you feel about them. >> we can look at the plays all week and the question you have to ask yourself, why not instant replay the plays. >> and 0-2 cleveland comes to balti
it was over, the ravens came out on the road in the national spotlight. joining us now on the big win. >> denise, it's lived up to what is expected. the low-scoring match up, two defenses in a standoff and it's the ravens who stand tallest in the end. the look of disaster at the start. they were flattened by the jets and fumbled. the first of three turnovers but they survive it thanks to their own defense. the purple swarm made life miserable for sanchez. the ravens held them to 6 first downs and when sanchez was able to throw, his receivers paid a price. a hard-hitting start to the season goes the ravens way for all of the talk of their offense, it was the defense that led the way in a 10-9 win over the jets >> we bends but we don't break, that's how we played today. we proved that we can be the number one defense. it was high emotions. . >> with our wjz fan cam, we asked you what impressed you most about the ravens win over the jets? >> hard hitting ray lewis putting a hurting on them. awesome game. >> reporter: the defense gets its due but how does the offense feel about the perf
you, marty and it wasn't pretty, but the ravens turned out the right way with the jets. ron matz has more on the game and the excitement over the win. good afternoon, ron. >> the ravens went to the new stadium where a sandwich sets you back $19. baltimore fought for early turnovers and taking the lead on this mcgahee run. that's in the first half and the ravens had a field goal and that's all the defense needed and ray lewis, number 52 and this thrills dustin over the middle. he's trying to find manhattan this morning. earlier, i asked the fans about what impressed them about the win. >> the defense, pressing and pushing and not letting them catch a break, they were just on them and persistent. >> jones took serious hits and he's a tough man. they stayed together as a team. >> the game was powerful when lewis hit that guy, that was off the chain! >>> we kept our composier. >> they held it together and ray lewis' hit, that made everyone happy. lewis putting a hurting on people. that was an awesome game. >> and old school was right. don, up next to the ravens, cincinnati. the ravens lo
, captain mike perry porting live. >>> the countdown to sunday is in full swing. the ravens come face-to-face with the steelers in three days. fans are buzzing about the matchup. wjz has the latest. jess? >> reporter: hello. bars and restaurants throughout maryland are preparing for sunday's away game. >> reporter: they played the game the right way. >> reporter: there's another storm brewing. this time in the steel city. the ravens head to pittsburgh. and many are gearing up for the ravens rush. >> they stocked up on beer. we got tons of wings. >> reporter: the bar boosted their staff in preparation for a packed house. >> high energy, you know, gets everybody excited, gets you pumped up. you know, you are ready to go, cheering them on. >> reporter: and fans are ready for some hard-fought football. >> it's going to be a hard fought game. it's gonna be smash mouth football as usual between both of them, and i just think that the ravens are going to come out. >> i'm super pumped considering that we battle with the phillies real hard all of the time. >> pretty hungry. i feel like we're g
you updated in a little bit. >> the ravens start the season with a w, people are still talking about the hard-hitting close game against the jets on monday night football. mark is at with more on the big win. >> the opening game against the jets is pretty much what we expected, hard-hitting and low scoring defenses engaged in a stand off and it's the ravens that stand tallest in the end. the season opener had the look of disaster at the start. joe flacco was flattened and fumbled, the first of three turnovers but they would survive it primarily thanks to their own defense, the purple swarm made life miserable making the jet -- when sanchez was able to throw, his receivers paid a price like this pass attempt, a hard-hitting start to the season goes the ravens way for all of the talk of their offense, it was the defense that led the way in a 10-9 win over the jets >> we bend but we don't break. that's how we play today and we prove we could be the number one defense. >> the one guy who has been there for all 15 years, ray lewis is still a star. >> ray lewis is the best in footb
and the orioles lost their last four straight. >>> the ravens should be flying high. here's mark viviano with the highlights. >> reporter: good morning, the raven's home opener was expected to be a low light and we're reminded, nothing comes easy in the nfl. the first home game brings the feel hog. -- feeling of a holiday. the ravens were favored and that turned into heavy concern when the brown's running back proved unstoppable rumbling for 144-yards and joe flak co-and the ravens avoided the upset with three,thed passes to boldin. the toss gives baltimore the lead and they hold on for a come back victory. >> for your offense to go down there, not just a field goal, we scored a touchdown. >> i felt great. i played here once in my career. that was about two years ago as a cardinal. the crowd was the same way and to be a part of it now, that's unbelievable. it's second to none. >> i've never heard the stadium get that loud. i was going to call a time out. and they brought i and showed we they team no matter how the mood is going at this current molt. current-- moment. and next week, back
. >>> ravens return, fans are showing their purple pride as the team gets ready to hit the field. >>> and taking a live look outside, it's feeling a bit like fall this morning. what can we expect the rest of the weekend? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in his first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning, welcome to eyewitness news saturday, i'm gigi barnett. >>> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 50s around the region today. >> feels like fall. >> really starting to feel that way. we have less than two weeks now before the season changes and it really is starting to feel that crispness in the air. temperatures in the low 50s, 52 at bwi, we'll have a good full day of a lot of sunshine. we'll have a fair weather clouds early on. the clouds will increase heading into tonight and we will expect to see a little rain tomorrow. your forecast looks like this: starting off with temperatures in the 50s. the only 60 we see right now is in dc, actually at 60. that's the warmest spot on the map right now. a daytime high of 79 d
covered with all the up to the minute results. >>> 5:48. the ravens up in jersey at meadowlands stadium and even before the kickoff ray rice gets into it with the jets and flings a football and then former raven bart scott fires it back. here we go. anquan bolden, the star of this one. great catch here. he had a great night. over 100 yards receiving and joe flacco found his new target. rolling out here. and joe finds bolden, great day. this is more like flag football. the jets d held the ravens more than i held my wife on our honeymoon. there's rex ryan who said we're going to the super bowl. the reigns got in the way. there's -- the ravens got in the way. the coach would have none of this talk. and there's coach cameron who wanted to get the ball in everyone's hands early. watch this catch from todd heap. stretching out. you heard it in the stands yesterday, didn't you? on tv? what a catch. the ravens moved the ball on third down conversion. ray lewis was in the middle of everything. knocking keller over. here was the play. nada sacked with mark sanchez who had a horrible night. sanche
move for the ravens today. he will not play again today because of his back injury. they brought back chris miller for the roster today. he impressed the ravens this summer. tonight at midnight, we take you into the ravens and game plan. 208 on comcast. sunday's game in cincinnati said the big homecoming of sorts for the new raven's receiver. >> the new wide receiver made a couple of plays in his debut for the ravens. not a huge impact. he is expecting more this week as he gets a chance to face his former team. while fund at this time with cincinnati would certainly not describe the departure as friendly. he wanted to stay with the team. >he has his work cut out to make the kind of impact he wants to have on sunday. the veteran continues is crash course of the ravens play book. he contributed monday with two big plays. >> even in the game, i was stuck in the middle. ok, i go over here. i hope to play more. we will see what happens. >> he seamlessly transitioned into the raven's locker room. when asked if he considered a return to cincinnati, he said no. >> the ravens and cincinnati su
and navy meet the terps mondayyat 4:00 can at m&t bank stadium. and ravens, it is over. lost to the rams. 27-21 the final. snappiig the preseassn wii streak at seven. now here is jennifer gilbbrt and jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> hurriccne earl batters the coast. what is happening innocean city anddwhere the big storm is going toniihh. >> trouble on the tracks, theú things commuters are saying after another mark breakdown. >> the taste of ne cat. >> that is a violation of the >> serious allegations from a controverssal animal rights orranization. %-the new images of the most famous shipwreck in history. >>>livv in high definition, from wbbf tv in balttmore, this is fox 45 news "late editton". >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jjff barnd. hurricane earl is winding the way north. >> and it is path is unnertain. ssorm.e team coverage of the chief meteorologist vytas reid has been tracking earl for days. >> starttnow with jeff abell who is standing by live at ocean city where they are bracing for the major storm down there. >> that's right. there is some relief a
ttmperatures.3 coming our way n a bit. in the ssy watch forecast. >> the ravens are getting really ready to open the season monddy night and continue to add latest weapon, t.j. houshmanddadeh, be tonight he i3 including fellow vets masonnand bolden. in an accomplished and packed recciving core. ú%d he said he is here for only one reason. to win a superbowl. >> only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shottto win the superbowl. and hat's just what people think. but you still have to go do it. this is one of the teams, even if i was not here, had a ssot. and so foo me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try to do y part. that's it. >> you can hear everytting t.j. houshmandzadeh said today, go to news. >>>now nto the quustiin of the %-is t.j. houshmandzadeh the fil piece of a supprbowl winningg3 ravens team? ú% percent say yes. 38 percent say no. lavar writes on facebook. this will be n explosive season for the ravens. but john writes, can he play cornerback? more division. a quran burning event on septemb
. >>> and when the ravens head to pittsburgh sunday. they could be without the top running back. ray rice is diagnosed with a right knee contusion and they're not certain if he'll be able to play. he suffered the injury this past sunday and an mri showed no ligament damage. with or without him, the ravens will try to cook up a win and you can see the game here on wjz-13 and the live coverage starts sunday at 1:00 and immediately after wards, we'll have the highlights an reactions from the post game. a full ravens day sunday. >>> it will be a good one there. >>> still to come, lawmakers are considering new rules designed to keep younger people safer behind the wheel. >>> and beckham, why one of the world's most recognizable athletes is suing a gossip magazine. >>> meteorologist bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> ravens' fans took the purple pride nto enemy ttrrittry for the season opener. kristen berset standing bb live ú% the new meadow land stadium. 16 w, on the new jersey turnpike %-battling the jets. currently kristen? >> thank you, jeff. yyah, there are several hundred ravens' fans that took the bus up here today to see the match up. of course the last few weeks there was a lot of alking between the ravens and jets camp. players playing with emotion on the field. and fans brought plenty of their own. >> with the new meadow land stadium as a back drop. bus loads of ravens' fans gather among a sea of green and white. not afraid to show their alliance. >> go ravens. >> et cctera go ravens. >> o ravens. >> all while enjoying the tailgating staples. >> hamburgers, pasta. shrimp, fish. >> relationships transcend rivalry. >> little riialryygoing on here. and too bad he will lose. >> good rivalry. >> no injuries tonight. we come away clean. >> the alliance even extends to a friendly gaae of bags. %->> but that all goes out the window, when the pl
. >> one of the busy holiday for the ravens -- big name receivers coming and going. all the details on a day with two big moves later in sports. >> beautiful summer weather as the rain is staying to the north but we could actually use a little bit. we will check your forecast, as of late summer sunshine and 80 degrees at the airport. >> some highway heroics in georgia, on a share of some- camera. they saw a car completely engulfed in flames. the deputies jumped into action. despite explosions, they were able to play 56-year-old man out of the car alive. he remains in hospital tonight. they say all good things must come to an end and that is the case for the maryland state fair. >> today is the last day of the 11 best days of summer. officials say it was a very good year. >> this is the 129th maryland state fair and officials say it has been a good one. >> the crowd came out for the last day. before noon it was already crowded. the manager says it has been a good run this year. >> we are running a little bit ahead. it is a little better that was last year? >> it is a little better th
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